Is this a website about records collections?

No. Absolutely NO. It’s a blog where nice conversations happens. The starting points are photos of records, than we discuss aboutanything, like cooking for instance, as we did with Lawrence English or Bruno Dorella.

You want a picture of the whole record collection or single close-ups?

Whatever you like. I’ll ask you about your choice. Check how Robin Rimbaud/Scanner has done.

I only have very few records. It’s ok anyway?

Sure! No problem! Is not a dick contest for collectors. Frans De Waard is a good example.

Do I have to build a set to strike the pose of the records?

No, let your CDs and LPs look natural, don’t tidy up, don’t clean, let the mess shows up. See the darkest phots ever from Dmitry Vasiliev’s cellar.

My record collection is a total mess, no shelves, only bunches of plastic and paper in the corners of my flat.

No problem at all! We’re not evaluating your house order. Take a look to Paul Lemos CD dump.

Can I contribute more than once? I’ve recently moved house/I have different spots where I store my stuff.

Yes. You can contribute even if you don’t have any house, as Alexader Hacke and Danielle De Picciotto, who are nomads.

Do I need to be a musician to be featured here?

Not at all! We have actors (John Guilor), painters (Graham Crowley), even linguists, like Milena Montalbano.

Do I need to be famous?

No. Check the chat with Marino Malagnino, who describes himself as a looser (but he’s not, by the way!).

Do you accept any candidate?

I’d like to, but sometimes the requests are too many and I cannot follow each submission. But I keep doing my best to accept the most I can.

I’ve digitalised all the record I had. Can I take a picture of my iTunes folder?

No. But we’ll pray for you.