Do I have to take pictures only of CD or other formats are available?

LP, cassettes, even duplicated cassettes or CD-Rs are allowed!

You want a picture of the whole record collection or single close ups?

Whatever you like. I’ll ask you about your choice.

I only have very few records. It’s ok anyway?

Sure! No problem! Is not a dick contest for collectors.

Do I have to build a set to strike the pose of the records?

No, let your CDs and LPs look natural, don’t tidy up, don’t clean, let the mess shows up.

My record collection is a total mess, no shelves, only bunches of plastic and paper in the corners of my flat.

No problem at all! We’re not evaluating your house order.

Can I contribute more than once? I’ve recently moved house/I have different spots where I store my stuff.


Do you accept any candidate?

I’d like to, but sometimes the requests are too many and I cannot follow each submission. But I keep doing my best to accept the most I can.

I’ve digitalised all the record I had. Can I take a picture of my iTunes folder?

No. But we’ll pray for you.