Gianmaria Aprile – “I don’t like holding LPs closed in a plastic envelope, ‘cause I like too much listening to them.”

Gianmaria Aprile - Consumed LPs.JPG

Well, I knew you have a lot of vinyls, but what I notice in the pictures is that many of them are like ‘consumed’, are they mostly old? How did you get them?

I was very lucky ‘cause I inherited a rich vinyls collection from my uncle… and of course, today, I keep buying others more recent LPs.
My uncle, Al Aprile, was musical journalist, one of the founders of Radio Popolare Milano, but also a musicians and a collaborator of the independent label MaSo (Materiali Sonori).
After his premature death I found myself with so many records, guitars and so much enthusiasm for the music that I inevitably had to pick up.
I’m not a collector, I don’t like holding LPs closed in a plastic envelope, I like listening to them.

Gianmaria Aprile - Fela LP big

Gianmaria Aprile - Fela CD.JPG

I noticed that both among the LPs and the CDs the most visible name is Fela (Kuti), so you have big boxes of his works. Are you a fan of African music?

Yes I like Fela! both as a musicians and as a fighter for freedom…even though I do not know much more african music, but I like their way to envelope the rhythm. Likewise I love the ramshackle polyphones rhythm of Sun Ra Arkestra.

Gianmaria Aprile - LP big shelves.JPG

Aren’t you scared that, when you wet the plant, the water may drop on the precious LPs on the right?

No, I’m not scared… when I have to wet it, I move it away!
Potus it’s a great plant that doesn’t need too much water and which grows up easily without too much caring.

Gianmaria Aprile is a musician (guitar player for Luminance Ratio, Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick…) and sound engineer. He’s located in Varese, Italy, and also manages his label Fratto9. Recently he started a visual art activity with hand made printings. | |

Photos: Gianmaria Aprile

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