Yan Jun – “Minimalism in art smells very bourgeois nowadays”


Amazing! You’ve got a lot of stuff… is it as messy as it seems or there is some order (I see many Erstwhile CD piled together at least)?

Yes there is order. I really hate if I want to find something but it’s lost in to a messy pit. The last summer my wife complained a lot that she has no space in this room so I checked everything, re-arranged and sent away about 15 boxes to a 2nd hand book store. Now again, once she asks me “where are the books and dvds related to Blade Runner?” I can remotely indicate her to specific coordinate when i’m travelling.

And yes I like Erstwhile. It’s not easy to see a label in advance of new directions twice. Now it’s a very important label according to a great future of what I call “nonsense music”.


Satie does not surprise me at all, knowing your love for music with a lot of empty spaces… The music you do is often very minimal. Why do you like minimalism?

Yes I like minimalism music in general. But I prefer to to say i like some psychedelic and radical aspects of it. Minimalism inart is already corrupted. Don’t you think it smells very bourgeois nowadays? And sometimes it takes too much money and power to be minimal. This is not fair. So I’d say I just like simple music.

Satie is funny and serious at the same time, which is a key to sacred. By the way “Vexations” is a conceptual piece, but people forget it. It depends on realtime playing and listening. Conceptual art has to be experienced. I only have the CD which contains maybe 50 times the same phrase. If there is a concert, I would attend with preparation of food and water.

Yan Jun - Pitch Shifter.jpg

And why the Pitch Shifter “The Remix War”? Looks a sort of huge exception among the other ones!

I enjoy death metal, black metal and grindcore as long as they don’t have obvious melody. I’m not a big fun of Pitch Shifter or the remix bands in this project. I just bought this randomly. The first time I heard Earache was in 1994 (Painkiller, Kevin Sharp, Brutal Truth, Carcass…), so I started to look for such ‘impact’ since then. But I don’t have a lot of knowledge of these bands. I always ask friends’ recommendation. Last year Kai Fagaschiski, who his dream is join Sunn o))) with his minimal and quiet clarinet, introduced me to Portal. I discovered an amazing unknown pleasure!

Yan Jun - listening cat.jpg

Which music your cat likes? And how’s named the cat?

Lailai, my cat, likes no music. But he’s aware of more sounds than me. It’s such a great thing that he has no taste and no aesthethics preferences. I’m still learning from him.

Yan Jun is a musician located in Beijin, China, and manages his label Sub Jam.


Yan Jun - PHOTO.jpg

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