Vittore Baroni – “I do not listen to a lot of Swaili folk tunes…”

Vittore Baroni - Trax.jpg

Well, your collection is amazing, especially the LPs… so you even need a ladder to reach soem of them. How can you remember where a specific record is stored? In which order are they put?

They are arranged alphabetically and for genres, Italian stuff has a separate section as well as jazz and classical music. The problem is when a record falls exactly between categories, and I might not remember exactly where it is… But usually I can find vinyls quite easily, the problem is with cds, because I have crates and boxes all over the house, and they are not neatly organized…

Vittore Baroni CD

Sorry for my ignorance, but I didn’t recognize the five guys in the balck and white picture among the CDs. Who are they and why are in such special ‘throne’?

It’s just a photo of young Tuxedomoon, it seemed to fit there, but no special reason, I may put something else when I’m tired of seeing this…

Vittore Baroni - Skull

The skull is a special edition record or… a skull? And if it’s a skull, a skull of who?

That’s the skull-mask of Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, the band of comics artist Davide Toffolo, the masks are available at concerts, I got one as a gift from my friend Enrico Sist (a frequent special guest of the band) when they played in Viareggio years ago.

Vittore Baroni with his CDs.jpg

I know you’re a very ‘omnivorous’ listener… is there any genre or sub-genre that you totally hate so you don’t have a single record of it?

Well, I dot not “hate” any form of music, but surely I do not listen to a lot of Swaili folk tunes… Seriously, I am not a fan of hip hop culture or classic Heavy Metal, but I’m afraid I have several records of both genres, just for “information” purposes…

Vittore Baroni (Forte dei Marmi, 1956) is a journalist for several magazines and has written essays on aspects of electronic music, contemporary art, and network cultures. Since the 1970s he has been active in the Planetary Circuit of Mail Art, as one of the best-known operators. Since 1991 he has been part of the Forbici di Manitù band. |

Photos: Giovanni Baroni

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