A beginning.

Concrete Shelves will start publishing on Monday the 4th of December. First peeks on records will be into Vittore Baroni tower of LPs and Paul Lemos CD dump in the sun porch.

But over the following months we’ll peek into the shelves of other musicians, label owners, actors, painters, visual artists, record shop owners or whatever music lover.

So we’ll discover, for instance…
…how Andrea Marutti and Yan Jun cats stare in front of their records,
while Al Margolis needs to preserve his ones from another cat pissing on them,
…how Paolo Bandera survived to endless extreme loud headphone industrial listenings,
while Rinus van Alebeek stores carefully his immortal cassettes,
…that Bruno Dorella keeps in the kitchen,
and how John Guilor loves Queen and sci-fi soundtracks,
…meawhile Maru Fufunjiru saved his life with teenage j-pop (and organising awesome concerts),
and Graham Crowley paints without listening to his endless Captain Beefheart collection.

And more.


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