Why Concrete Shelves?

I’ve always been extremely curious about other people’s books and records. Mostly records. Each time I enter a new house, I often identify the spot where CDs, LPs or cassettes are stored, I forget the other people in the room and I keep staring at the shelves (or sometimes just stacks) of sometimes unknown names, sometimes bands I love, and sometimes just the usual mainstream bunch of compilations and hits.

That’s why I’m asking people, often musicians, label owners, venue hosts, pressing companies, graphic designers, to show me their records through a picture or two, and then comment replying to a couple of questions to satisfy my curiosity.


Teo sbircia nei CD - small

Concrete Shelves has no purpose other than to enhance the concept of records as concrete objects. Not fetishes, not collectable items, just the matter of being physical objects in a home, in a domestic space. Not on a hard drive or on a server.

If you want to take part to this blog, just:

  1. get in touch with us using the form hereunder, telling us who you are (one sentence is enough)
  2. wait for our reply
  3. take a few (max 10) pictures of your record shelves, stack, corner, thrash bin…
  4. send them to us,
  5. reply to a pair of questions I’ll ask you.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Wayne Butane says:

    I am a podcaster, specializing in playing songs old and new, forgotten or unheard, in all genres.


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