Vasco Viviani – “I have a dream to fall into a second-hand music shop and find all that I’ve already bought and then lost…”

Vasco Viviani - TV set and Luca Carboni.JPG

As far as I can guess, these records are randomly stored in a few IKEA drawers under your TV set, right? But I’m not surprised to see that you totally mixed different genres, I know that you have very wide tastes. But I didn’t expect Luca Carboni! I love his music… and how can you explain TheGiornalisti? I thought you hated Italian singers, that as far as I know are incredibly popular in the Italian part of Switzerland where you live.

Yes, at this moment I have a really limited side of my music collection at home. We are relocated, until Christmas, in a smaller house, before moving again. So I had to make some choices to bring less stuff with me in this temporary flat. There are now more or less 60 cd’s, 20 tapes and 40 LP’s that will allow me to survive up to the rest of this year. The old IKEA drawers, by the way, are waiting to be replaced by new pieces of furniture, probably Clio by Pfister: Tiny metal shelves, they look cheap and classy!
As you know I listen to a wide mix of stuff, including Luca Carboni! And, you know, the singer of TheGiornalisti wrote a song for the last Carboni work (and Alessandro Raina too), and I think that’s some cool pathos in his music, so I bought their last two albums. Many people hate them but I think they are really singable and I often sing their songs driving my car…

Vasco Viviani - Turntable with Tennis Cape Cod.JPG

In the ‘analogue’ area with your beloved cassettes over the turntable, it’s very evident a 7” of “Tennis”, with a (for my tastes) not really charming ’80s styled woman…

Yes, in fact it’s a 12” album, “Cape Cod”, by this wife+husband project, a sort of The Carpenters (you know, the two feathered Karen and Richard brothers)... stuff I really really like! I think it was Populous to mention it in an interview I’ve read, so I searched for and found it… really 80s styled music too!

Vasco Viviani - TV and CD

So how did you make the choice on which records to bring here and which to leave in the other house? Is there anything you are really missing?

It was a really exciting choice because I had to take with me:

  • some great news to discover,
  • some good old classics,
  • something wintering,
  • something for my wife,
  • something for my daughter
  • and your solo album!

Like the best DJ!
Actually there’s nothing that I really miss of what I left in the other house… In case, I can just mentally remember some melodies… but of I should mention something that I miss, I could say “Colossus of Destiny” by Melvins, the first one by Big Sexy Noise and the debut of SOAK.
What I really really miss it’s some stuff I’ve lost from years and of which I have only empty cases, like Karate, Stefano Giaccone, Tuxedomoon and other great stuff. I have a dream to fall into a second-hand music shop and find all that I’ve already bought and then lost…

Vasco Viviani is born in Switzerland and managed from 2008 to 2011 the ultra-independent label Old Bicycle Records, that has published, among the others, artist such as Mike Cooper, Polvere, Luca Sigurtà, Stefan Christof, Sparkle in Grey, Nuno Moita, Deison, Controlled Bleeding, Silent Carnival… Previously he worked with the label Pulver Und Asche. He has recently launched EeeE. |

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