Gareth Davis

Gareth Davis (1).JPG

1 – I see some nice box on top of one shelve: I see Magnolia Electric Co, an unknown (to me one) and David Thomas, and many CDs also of Pere Ubu elsewhere. Are they particularly important for you?

On that shelf is the Magnolia Electric CompanySojourner’ box, Deathprod , Jewelled Antler Library and David ThomasMonster‘. The other Pere Ubu boxes are the repressings of the LPs that were done over the last few years. David Thomas, in his project ‘David Thomas and the Two Pale Boys‘ , has an important place for me. In my early teens cable television was just being introduced in London. The basic package, which is what we had, had maybe seven channels and one of those was MTV, back when MTV still had music. On Sunday evening was a show called Alternative Nation. I was listening to a lot of different things then,  The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, a lot of grunge, getting into John Coltrane… a pretty eclectic mix. One evening there was a live performance on Alternative Nation and it was David Thomas and the Two Pale Boys. Guitar, trumpet and voice. It just hit me. The way there were so many influences at once, the way these songs floated between improvisation and riffs, noise and storytelling and ambient soundscapes. I have no idea if it would have the same impact now, but that is not important. At the time, late on a Sunday evening mid 90s, it was so strong in how many different places it went, in how many ways sounds fit together. It took me another two years to find out who I had just heard as I did not write down the name! No internet at the time and all I remembered was David… something something… Pale…!  About two years later I found it by accident at HMV in London just sitting on top of a pile. The box, ‘Monster‘ has a CD in it of live recordings of the Pale Boys project. It’s a great mix of stories and songs and still reminds me of that MTV show each time I listen.

Gareth Davis (3).JPG

2 – Ha! The good old times without Internet… Yes, searching for music was a different thing.
A Jean-Luc Godard’s “Histoire(s) du Cinema” is also on that shelve top, along  and many DVDs are shown in the following pictures. It seems that you love music as much as cinema…

Yes. For this I have a huge appetite. Doesn’t matter if it is music, cinema, books, design, dance, food or anything else. I feel that in most cases they are all complimenting each other. Cinema can create sounds, books make images, a meal can tell a story. I like how they all fit together and recreate themselves.

Gareth Davis (4).JPG

3 – Sure, and also other forms of art… I see an architecture book also, over a cool reel to reel machine marked Agfa. What is it exactly? Do you still use it? Funny also to notice the little minion sitting over it…

Gareth Davis (5).JPG

4 – What about the three boxes starting with “001-333”? In the same photo a see a valve amplifier (if I’m not wrong) and a charming black and white framed photo on the wall. It tells me something, but maybe I’m wrong, as it seems a famous one. Or maybe it’s a family shot?


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